About Us

GoTek Radon helps designers, builders and homeowners eliminate harmful levels of radon gas from the homes they create and live in. GoTek is the newest company in the Goemans family of businesses, which includes Goemans Appliances and Goemans Fireplaces.

Goemans has always understood the value of a safe and comfortable home for their clients to enjoy. As national awareness of the hazards of radon gas in the home grew, we took it personally and began to study radon, learning rapidly and turning our passion into a C-NRPP certified business – GoTek Radon.

GoTek specializes in site assessments, keeping radon out of homes and performing the follow-up testing to ensure safe radon levels once their work is complete.

GoTek Radon is a wholly owned Canadian company, a proud member of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) and is C-NRPP certified and insured (Policy # PSK0032619756) to perform new construction radon-mitigation installations and post-installation radon measurement.

A healthy home is a happy home … Why risk it?